Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 3D pictures are giving me headache!

A lot of people said "These 3D pictures are giving me headache!"  "These 3D pictures are making me dizzy!"  But I still love my HTC EVO 3D  :)

Well, sometimes, when the 3D pictures are taken, the camera is not aligning it too good.  It is using 2 cameras on the back to create the cool 3D effect.  The good news is, you can fix the alignment to make the picture more clear afterward.  Here is how you can adjust the 3D alignment.

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1.  Open the picture you would like to adjust.

2.  Tap on the picture, a menu like the following would show.
3.  Tap on the "magic wand", you will see a option menu of what you could do to the picture.

4.  Tap on "Adjust 3D alignment", then, you will see 2 "boxes" on the side.  That's how you will tap and adjust the alignment of the picture.  

5.  When you are done, tap on "Save".  Then, the picture is aligned!

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So, which camera is it using when you are taking picture in 2D?  One way to find out is to switch to the 2D picture mode, cover one of the lens on the back and find out.  Or, the answer is, the one near the top of the phone.  

Laterz guyz!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where can I find 4G network?

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You are using your cool HTC EVO 3D 4G, you want to use the cool 4G speed!  In order to use 4G, you have to turn it on!  On your HTC EVO 3D, you can easily turn it on from one of the setting widget on the home screen.

Or you can also scan for 4G network by going to "Settings" - "Wireless & networks" and tap on the "4G" checkbox

Sprint - All. Together. adding more and more 4G coverage, so, that's cool.  But sometimes, you might just want to find out where the coverage is, or look at the coverage map.  I would suggest the Sensorly app, available in the market Free.

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This app allows you to find out which carrier has the best coverage in your area, free access to coverage maps 100% community powered.  Basically, it collects data from users and create the coverage map.  It's very cool!  
(Disclaimer: I don't work for them or anything)

When you first install, you can choose if you want to participate in sending the data.  You can choose "Yes" to allow the application to collect and send data anonymously on the background; "Active only" when you view the maps; or "No" for don't send.  I set mine to "Active Only".

Once you are in, you can select the kind of map you want to view.  There is a "tool bar" on the bottom with various things you can tap on.  

Tap on "Layer", then, you can pick "4G", "CDMA", "GSM", "WiFi", then, you tap on the network you want to see coverage map for.

Here is an example of the Sprint 4G coverage map in my area.

Here is an example of the Sprint CDMA network in my area

Or you can also search for another area by using the "Search" function (tap on the magnifying glass).  Want to mention that this should work not only in the U.S. but also in 15 countries.

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I like this app, it let me see how the coverage is.  It also have cool stuff like satellite view.  I really like it.  Hope it's helpful to you too!

Laterz Guyz!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Get organized! Create Folders on Android!

Having icons all over the place is quite annoying and it is hard to find sometimes.  I was glad to see that I could create "Folders" on my HTC EVO 3D.  This is not new for the EVO 3D.  This is how you would do it on the EVO 3D though.

1.  Tap on "Personalize" or long press on any open space on the Android Home Screen.
 2.  Tap on "Folders" in the "items to Home" section.

3.  You will see a list of folder types you could add.   There are pre-defined ones such as "Phones", "Bluetooth received", "Phones", "All People", "Recent Documents", "Starred" like your favorite, or you could define a "New Folder" and put items you like in it.

4.  Tap on the folder you like to add and you will see the folder created on your Home Screen.

5.  For example, to add items to my folder called "setting", I tab on the app I like to add, and drag it to the folder.  The folder would open and drop in there.

6.  To change the folder name, open the folder, long press the top bar, then you can change the name!

There are lots of folder organizer apps available in the Market also if you like to explore!

Laterz guyz!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Screenshot It - Great app to screen capture on Android Phone

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To do screen capture on Android Smartphone, I would recommend the Screenshot It app.  As you see, I have taken many screen captures on my HTC EVO 3D phone.  

As you know, once you rooted the phone, it's no longer under warranty, plus, there is not rooted version of the HTC EVO 3D phone as of yet, so, for any solution, I would stay away from the need of rooting the phone.

As I search on the apps in the Android Market, I came across the Screenshot It app.
Searching through the list of Screen Capture apps, almost all of it requires the phone to be rooted, finally, I find one that doesn't.  It's the No Root Screenshot It app.  I love it the fact that I can get what I needed done without messing around with the phone.

For installation, you do need to download the USB Driver for your phone, and also install the "Screenshot It Enabler" desktop application onto your computer.

For details installation direction, you can see it here - 
Windows PC   Mac

After following the steps to install the app, to use the app is pretty easy.

The app has a few features I like.
1.  You can choose the delay of how long before the screen capture is taken.  That allows you time to get to the screen you like to capture.
2.  I love the "Shake to screenshot" option.  This allows me to just shake the phone a little bit, and it would know I want to take a screenshot.  Excellent.  I can even adjust the Shake Strength.
3.  I can choose to save the file either in jpeg or png format.
4.  More options you could set as you see from the following screen shot.

In order to use the "No Root Screenshot It", you need to "Enable" it every time should your phone is restarted.  That's the only downside of the app.  But hey, you don't have to root the phone, I would live with that!

To "Enable" it, you need set the phone in USB Debugging mode (from Settings - Application - Develpment)

Connect the phone through the USB port and leave it as "Charge Only."

Start the "Screenshot It Enabler" desktop application, when it's ready as it said "Phone found", click on the "Enable Screenshot It" button.  Then, you are good to go!

After you've taken a screen shot, you could save into Galley, or it would be in this folder on your SD card.

All in all, it's a great app to use.  I love it.  The $4.99 I paid is well worthy.

For more information, please visit -

Laterz guyz!



No longer need to use an App to take screenshots (though I admire Edward's creation).  

On the HTC EVO3D, you can hold the "POWER BUTTON" on the top and tap on the "HOME" button.  Then, a snapshot of the screen is taken.   

Great work HTC !

Friday, July 8, 2011

Media Share - Another Cool DLNA Feature

Similar to the "Connected Media" feature on the HTC EVO 3D is "Media Share".  This allows you to share the media content of your phone to a DNLA Enabled Device, such as your WiFi connected TV, through your PlayStation 3 PS3 or XBox 360, also to your Windows Media Play on the PC.  Here is the steps of how to use the Media Share feature.

1.  Tap on the "Media Share" app.

2.  Set a "Media Server Name", select the type of files you want to share or the Folder you want to share.  Turn on "Media Share" by check the "Share my media files" checkbox.

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3.  Turn on your Internet Enabled TV, or PS3, or XBox 360 etc.  You will see your phone "media server" be listed.  Here is how it looks on my Sony Bravia TV.

Under "Photo"

Under "Video"
under "Music"
4.  You can then select the file you would like to see by browsing through the folder right on your TV!
Yeah... I am trying to grow sweet corn...

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5.  You can also view the Media content on your PC!  Open Windows Media Player, you should see the libraries listed.

Have fun!  Laterz Guyz!

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Connected Media through your HTC EVO 3D

I was mad at my husband the other day, why?  He highjacked my TV!  OK, not exactly, but as I was watching a TV show, all of a sudden, I saw a picture on the TV and I had no idea why!  Turns out that my husband was playing with his HTC EVO 3D.

To be technical, this is a kind of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology - which allows you to share media contents on DLNA certified devices.

You can do this when you have WiFi connection in the network.   This allows you to easily share your pictures, videos and music from you phone to the TV (or other DLNA certified media devices).  It would be useful when you want to show something from your phone to a bigger audience and you don't want to pass your cool HTC EVO 3D around!

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So, how do you do it on your HTC EVO 3D?

1.  Tab on the "Connected Media" app

 2.  Choose the media type to send to the nearby player

 3. Then, select the player you want to send the media to, I chose to send to my TV -
4.  Then, you will see the media (pictures, video, music) from your phone being send (in my case, my Sony Bravia TV)

Cool!  Laterz Guyz!


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