Friday, July 8, 2011

Media Share - Another Cool DLNA Feature

Similar to the "Connected Media" feature on the HTC EVO 3D is "Media Share".  This allows you to share the media content of your phone to a DNLA Enabled Device, such as your WiFi connected TV, through your PlayStation 3 PS3 or XBox 360, also to your Windows Media Play on the PC.  Here is the steps of how to use the Media Share feature.

1.  Tap on the "Media Share" app.

2.  Set a "Media Server Name", select the type of files you want to share or the Folder you want to share.  Turn on "Media Share" by check the "Share my media files" checkbox.

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3.  Turn on your Internet Enabled TV, or PS3, or XBox 360 etc.  You will see your phone "media server" be listed.  Here is how it looks on my Sony Bravia TV.

Under "Photo"

Under "Video"
under "Music"
4.  You can then select the file you would like to see by browsing through the folder right on your TV!
Yeah... I am trying to grow sweet corn...

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5.  You can also view the Media content on your PC!  Open Windows Media Player, you should see the libraries listed.

Have fun!  Laterz Guyz!

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  1. Is there any way to wirelessly transfer files? I can view my phone pics on WMP, but it won't let me save from there, and there is no way to grab them from the folder :(

    1. Maybe we could try using bluetooth.

  2. Did you have to download this app? Or did it come pre-installed on your phone? I am trying to connect my phone to my computer via WiFi and a message keeps popping up that I don't have the access rights to my server. I select "media servers" when I open up my gallery and my PC shows up but won't let me connect.

    1. It was pre-installed on my phone. Make sure you have the latest updates for the phone. I did try a few times before getting it connected. Do you see your phone on your PC?